Turnkey solutions



Our organisation has been designed, in particular, to provide customer-specific solutions in both the manufacture of emergency power containers and implementation of emergency power contract projects. We carry out demanding emergency power projects separately or as subcontracted projects for other contractors.

  • Separate contracts in accordance with the General Conditions for Building Contracts YSE 1998 document
  • Emergency power unit contracts for hospitals
  • All-in contracts on emergency power units for data centres

We always adhere to the contract boundaries of the procurement programme. The contracts may include extensive electrical and plumbing work contracts as well.

Quality is in the details

From planning to 3D modelling

No project or product can be completed without meticulous planning. Demanding sites requiring emergency power always call for site-specific planning. A programme developed by kW-Set Oy is used for project execution and documentation. The plans are coordinated in cooperation with the customer. This ensures a successful outcome.

The emergency power containers are designed with the SolidWorks 3D program, which enables the review and fine-tuning of each detail on the drawing board before finalisation. A precise modelling ensures that a desired outcome in terms of the end product.

Electrical wiring design is also carried out with SolidWorks. This ensures that all circuit diagrams, cable conduction lists, component catalogues and conductor joint and terminal strip numbering are always up to date.

The comprehensive emergency power design services also include the fuel systems and cooling ventilation.

“Functioning systems through extensive competence”


Logistics and installation

The installation of an emergency power unit is rarely just an equipment delivery. We often provide a turnkey service. With units in a container or protected by a safety cage, almost all mechanical components are installed before delivery to the customer. By contrast, open-frame units to be mounted in the customer’s facility require all installation to be carried out on site.