Fingrid secures the operations of gas turbine plants with emergency power


Fingrid is a Finnish public limited liability company responsible for the electricity transmission in the high-voltage transmission system in Finland. The nationwide transmission grid is a central part of Finland’s electrical supply system, and approximately 75 per cent of all electricity consumed in Finland is transmitted through it. The transmission grid is the high-voltage trunk network to which large power plants and factories as well as regional distribution networks are connected.


Regulations obligate Fingrid to be capable of serving its customer 24/7. Fingrid wanted to secure the operating capacity of its own gas turbine plants with a Manual Frequency Restoration Reserve in disturbances by means of emergency power. Fingrid wanted a compact solution which is easy to transport and test and can be deployed quickly.


In competitive tendering, Fingrid selected kW-Set as its emergency power partner. The level of the design service, technical quality, pricing and corporate responsibility of the solution met Fingrid’s requirements. One of the most important selection criteria was the possibility to integrate the emergency power unit with the facility’s electrical supply network.


Fingrid is responsible for planning and monitoring of the use of the trunk network as well as network maintenance and development. In addition, the company participates in the activities of the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), preparation of market and access codes, and grid design.

For its contract customers, in other words electricity providers, grid companies and industry, Fingrid offers trunk network, cross-border transmission and imbalance power services. Fingrid serves the electricity market by ensuring sufficient electricity transmission capacity, eliminating cross-border transmission restrictions between countries and providing information on the markets. Fingrid employs more than 330 people.

“The level of the design service, technical quality, pricing and corporate responsibility offered by kW-Set met our requirements.”

Jarmo Hämäläinen,
Project Manager,
Fingrid Oyj

Customer benefits

  • Level of the design service
  • Technical quality of the units
  • Short delivery time
  • Possibility to integrate with the electricity distribution network
  • 24/7 on-call and maintenance services