Emergency power units secure the operations of Caruna’s dispatch centre in all situations


Caruna Oy is a Finnish electricity distribution company. It was established when Fortum divested its electricity transmission operations in Finland. An emergency power solution was installed in Caruna’s new headquarters, completed in 2015, for possible power outages.


The objective was to be able to serve customers in all situations, including major disturbances, and that is why it was essential to secure Caruna’s own operations as well.

The emergency power units secure the operations of the dispatch centre 24/7, also when there is a power outage in the grid or in other emergencies or major disturbances.

Caruna opted for a turnkey delivery of the emergency power solution.


In competitive tendering, kW-Set met Caruna’s criteria and was selected as the provider. The selection was supported by kW-Set’s turnkey delivery model, delivery of best value for the money, delivery time and maintenance in the operating stage.  The compact size of the emergency power unit, its emergency runtime and power rating also played an important role.


Caruna provides electricity transmission services for more than 670,000 customers in Finland. Caruna is Finland’s largest company focusing on electricity transmission, with a market share of approximately 20% of the local electricity transmission in Finland. The company has approximately 280 employees and it directly employs a total of 2,000 people in different parts of Finland.

“kW-Set offered us a comprehensive package that met our expectations. We liked the compact size of the emergency power unit, its emergency runtime and power rating. The on-call and maintenance services also played an important role.”

Kimmo Vainiola,
Dispatch Centre Manager
Caruna Oy

Customer benefits

  • Best value for the money as a turnkey service
  • Design services – a jointly designed solution
  • Compact size of the emergency power unit
  • Duration of emergency runtime and power rating
  • Delivery schedule
  • 24/7 on-call and maintenance services