Modernisation of the emergency power unit’s automation


The site has prepared for power outages with a system of several emergency power units. The old system was implemented by means of the reliable Cummins emergency power units, and automation was provided by means of relay technology, as was customary at the time.

As the building automation was renewed, it became necessary to retrieve all information from the emergency power system through up-to-date data transmission channels. The automation system needed an overhaul otherwise as well to ensure uncompromised operating reliability. The existing Cummins emergency power units were found to be reliable and there was no need to replace them.

Modernised system

We carried out the modernisation of the automation system of four units. Power outages and excessive weakening of operating reliability were not an option, which created a challenge in the project implementation. The new system is based on the Comap automation system. By users’ request, the control cabinet has been supplemented by a few local meters.