Modernisation of emergency power units

We carry out modernisation of emergency power units of telecommunications, industrial facility, banking and public administration applications. Each site is unique, and therefore, the plans and implementation are always carried out in accordance with the site requirements.

An emergency power unit may be in operation for decades, and the control and electrical system needs may change during that time. Modernisation extends the service life of the unit and updates its properties to meet the changing needs.

Better electricity and additional properties

Modernised units produce better-quality electricity, resulting in a more reliable operation. Modernisation also enables remote monitoring, bus interfaces to building automation, more I/O points, and also offers plenty of other properties.

Modernising control automation

The modernisation process replaces the control automation system of the emergency power units with a modern system. At the same time, all the adjusters, system switches and other outdated parts of the unit are updated.

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